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[QUOTE=jvc;12945]You could ask the same thing about tv, yet everyone pays for cable or satellite, except for a very few that still uses an antenna. I'll even bet that you have cable or satellite? [QUOTE]

Lol well beleive it or not I do not, I haven't paid for a television service since 2004. I own an HD dipole and it does an excellent job of making sparrow nests but even with the 10 channels I can get with that, I don't watch network TV. I do pay a monthly subscription for internet, but it's DRASTICALLY cheaper than it was in 1996 when compaired to bandwidth consumption. Between streaming video and redbox I've not felt deprived in the least.

Here's an example I LOVE to bring up. So back in the day Dolby Digital 5.1 releases on consumer products and the surround sound age begins. And so does the phone calls saying "I'm not getting any sound from my center speaker" or "my system was working yesterday but it's in stereo now" and upon inspection I've found that the customer hooked up his 4000.00 system to his DVD player using two channel RCA and had been using it this way for years! How? His system was using software to recreate fo-surround. Or same senerio, but he's using a CD in his DVD player to get "surround". These customers had no idea they weren't even using surround sound until the equalizer was changed. And most to this day still don't know that CD's are not 5.1!

And again, I'm just blowing steam on this one. I LOVE mp3 cause it's easy, I love CD's cause I still have a hundred in my car, I LOVE 8 tracks cause it freaks my daughters friends out, and I ADORE the sound of a clean LP. Yet, in 1994, I ADORED my LP's cause they sounded great on my pioneer turntable, and I loved my HIFI casettes for almost all the same reasons I love MP3, CD, and 8 Track. And I never felt the least bit deprived then either.

I have yet to hear a SACD but I'd LOVE to hear Division Bell on multi-channel.
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