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Default PH5 Stereo Phono Preamplifier

The PH5 starts with a new package. The full-width 19" front panel's layout is similar to the SP16, with an LED display on the left side and four soft-touch buttons on the right. The buttons control Power, Mute, Mono, and Loading. For the first time in a PH-series phono stage you can adjust cartridge loading to 47K, 1000, 500, 200, or 100 ohms at the touch of a button. And, better yet, the four front panel controls are duplicated on the remote control included with the PH5. Now you can even adjust loading from the comfort of your favorite chair!

The rear panel includes one pair of SE inputs, one pair of SE outputs, a ground post, and a detachable A.C. power cord. Like other recent additions to our lineup, handles are optional at extra cost.

The PH5 is a hybrid (as was the PH3), utilizing a new high-gain, 5-JFET per channel, non-inverting input stage with constant-current stabilization and no overall feedback. New RIAA circuits are patterned after the Reference Phono, with passive high frequency and active low frequency equalization resulting in an improved margin of stability under the most demanding conditions. The non-inverting gain and output stages utilize four 6922 twin triodes. There are high-stability power supplies with four separate regulators for all tube heaters, plate supply and microprocessor logic. And, as you have come to expect from Audio Research, the bandwidth of the PH5 is 0.7Hz to 400kHz (-3dB). Total gain has been increased to 57.5dB, more than sufficient for low output moving coil cartridges when partnered with an appropriate line-stage.

PH5 Specifications:

FREQUENCY RESPONSE: .25dB of RIAA, 10Hz to 60kHz; 3dB points below 0.7Hz and above 400kHz.

DISTORTION: Less than .005% at .50V RMS 1kHz output.

GAIN: 57.5dB at 1kHz (MC & MM compatible).

PUSH BUTTONS: Power, mute, mono, load.

INPUT IMPEDANCE: Selectable 47K , 1000, 500, 200, or 100 ohms with 200pF Unbalanced.

OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: 200 ohms Unbalanced. Recommended load 50K-100K ohms and 100pF. (10K ohms minimum and 2000pF maximum.)

OUTPUT POLARITY: Non-inverting.

MAXIMUM INPUTS: 70 mV RMS at 1kHz (180 mV RMS at 10kHz).

RATED OUTPUTS: .50V RMS 10Hz to 60kHz, 100K ohm load (output capability is 50V RMS output at 1/2% THD at 1kHz).

POWER SUPPLIES: Electronically-regulated low and high voltage supplies. Line regulation better than .01%.

NOISE: 0.16uV equivalent input noise, IHF weighted, shorted input (76 dB below 1mV 1kHz input).

TUBE COMPLEMENT: (4) 6922/E88cc dual triodes with JFET input. Solid state power supply.

POWER REQUIREMENTS: 100-135VAC 60Hz (200-270VAC 50/60Hz) 50 watts maximum. Line fuse2A SLO BLO (1A SLO BLO 230V).

DIMENSIONS: 19" (47 cm) W x 5.22" (13.2 cm) H x 10.0" (25.4 cm) D. Rear chassis fittings extend .6" (1.5cm).

WEIGHT: 11.3 lbs. (5.1 kg) Net; 19 lbs. (8.6 kg) Shipping.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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