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Default Start of My Home Entertainment

So I finally desided that I wanted to get my home theater started. I bought a house about 10 months ago, and this spot above the fireplace has been begging for a nice TV.

Started with a wall bracket from MonoPrice model 3900, features a tilt up to 15 degrees. I already had the bracket, but am considering going to a bracket that does not have the tilt.

I Still need to run wiring for the TV, but for now I have the power cable run all ghetto( not seen here ). The TV is a LG 50PS80 50" plasma THX certified with netflix built in.

I still have a lot to do to finish. I still need speakers and a receiver. The rest of the equipment that will be hooked up will be a LG BD370 Blu-ray, a Toshiba HD-2A doing HD DVD, and a PS3 for gaming, then a Motorola DCH3416 doing my cable/dvr.

Let me know what you think so far.

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